Thursday, August 02, 2007

Most of the dangers we face have nothing to do with terrorism

How did you react to hearing that the bridge collapse in Minneapolis yesterday did not appear to be an act of terrorism? I suspect that most people reacted the way I did – relieved to know that we were probably not being deliberately attacked. Well, that is NOT the way right-wing columnist Michelle Malkin reacted.
DHS issued a statement that the collapse “does not appear to be an act of terrorism.” Isn’t it too early to say anything meaningful about what it “appears” to be? Couldn’t they maybe, I dunno, say nothing until they actually know something?

Doesn’t it sound like she hoped it would turn out to be terrorism, or at least thought it would be good if the whole nation were worried that it was an act of terrorism for a while longer.

You might want to remember what this reaction reveals about her and her priorities when reading or listening to her in the future.


matt moran said...

George Carlin used to do a routine about how some people, when something is lost, immediately conclude that it has been stolen. "Who stole my keys? Hey, what are my keys doing in the freezer? And who stole my frozen banana guacamole?"

Some people find it easier to believe that someone else acted maliciously against them, rather than that they made a mistake or were the victim of bad fortune.

I guess Michelle Malkin is one of those people.

(To be honest I've never heard of her before now. I am not likely to remember her name later, much less read or listen to her stuff.)

Dave Barrett said...

Michelle Malkin is quite well known. If you have never heard of her you must not watch Fox TV News and the newspapers you read must not carry her column. She seems to be a right-wing spokesperson and, I assume, representative of the views of right-wingers.

matt moran said...

I'd be wary of assuming that the views of any individual are somehow representative of any group of people, especially a group as broad and ill-defined as "right-wingers".

And no, I don't watch Fox News. And I don't often read the opinion columns in my local paper. I guess I'm not much of a news or politics junkie anymore.