Friday, January 26, 2007

Tancredo accuses Bush of throwing the election

Republican Congressman from Colorado and presidential candidate, Tom Tancredo, yesterday accused President Bush of deliberately wishing and working for a Democratic victory in the 2006 Congressional election.
The President certainly got his wish when he campaigned this past cycle, and did everything he could to guarantee a Congress sympathetic to his ‘amnesty for all’ plan.
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Well, now that Tom mentions it, it was a little strange that in the days leading up the election President Bush insisted that a vote for any Republican for Congress was a vote for a continuation of his Iraqi War policy when the polls were showing how unpopular that policy was. But it never occured to me that President Bush was deliberately and consciously working for a Democratic majority. Nor did it occur to me that immigration policy might trump everything else as a motivation for President Bush.

What do you think? Do you think Tom is onto something here?


The Inside Dope said...

I think someone should test Tancredo for lead poisoning. Didn't he also rant on the floor about introducing a rule to abolish all ethnic or racial based caucus groups in the legislature because, as he so cluelessly stated, the country is "a color-blind society"??

What do you expect from this one-trick pony?

QCMediaGhost said...

Well now, here's a couple; Dopey and Mr. Barrett. Who wears the diamond? -Ghost

Dave Barrett said...

You think? ;) Tancredo is great for the Democrats. You don't have to work very hard to make him look foolish. Just post what he says.

Your words, like Tancredo's, are an indictment of the position you espouse. I beg you to keep posting and commenting. It makes my job easy. I don't need to spin your words at all. They speak for themselves.

QCMediaGhost said...

Happy to make it easy for you, because when the going gets tough, you Democraps cut and run. -Ghost

Dave Barrett said...

Boy, you are really scoring points now! Keep it up!