Thursday, June 15, 2006

What are they up to?

A conservative magazine has published an article revealing plans by the Bush Administration to build a "huge NAFTA Super Highway, four football-fields-wide, through the heart of the U.S. along Interstate 35"

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Written by Jerome R. Corsi, author of some of the Swift Boat attacks on John Kerry, the article expresses concerns about how the plan would allow freight from the Far East to bypass the Longshoreman’s Union by being unloaded in Mexico and bypass the Teamsters Union by being driven by Mexican Truckers through the United States and up to Canada.

Although expressing concern about the plan's undermining of American unions and a supposed bypassing of customs and security at the border the primary concern of the author is the supposed quiet implementation of a European Union style free trade zone for North America without any public or Congressional discussion.


paladin said...

It's difficult to know how a "Super Highway" costing gazillions, and that will require bazillions of condemnations and eminent domain suits could be "secret", but unless George Bush plans to bankroll this himself, Congress will be involved.

The last I heard, Congress was made up of both Democrats and Republicans, with the Senate having pretty much a 50/50 split.

It's just so much more sexy to call something "secret", isn't it? Even if everyone knows about it. I have relatives in TX and they have known about this for years. Some "secret".

Dave Barrett said...

I was reporting what a conservative journalist (a Kerry attacking Swift Boater) was reporting in a conservative magazine. If a lefty like me was reporting this story rather than calling it a secret government plan it would have been called a story that the corporate media was not reporting because the big money boys did not want the public interferring with their profits.
I certainly had not heard about it. What are your Texas relatives telling you about it. Has it actually started yet? Has any property been bought (or condemed with eminent domain)? Has any construction started?
If the conservatives oppose this perhaps this can be an issue that unites the conservatives and the progressives because my side will definitely oppose an 8 lane wide super highway through Kansas.

paladin said...

Dave, my relatives are not exactly part of the TX cognoscente----they are my aunts and uncles who have retired to South Texas. They were talking about this superhighway at a family gathering last year, and frankly, I didn't pay much attention. When there are a bunch of retirees with too much time on their hands, there is a lot of idle speculation. They were against it, mostly because they thought it was just another government "boondoggle", as they called it.

The article you cited said construction was to begin next year. I just don't know. Even if it is begun next year, I don't expect to see it completed in my lifetime. Just look at how long we've been waiting for a new bridge. So we'll see.

But I love the way the word "secret" has evolved. The press is famous for calling anything "secret" just because they didn't know about----even if the information was "hiding" in plain sight.