Saturday, May 13, 2006

Internet humor

I just saw these on Nicholas Kristof's blog

...Sen. Lamar Alexander has introduced a bill that the national anthem, and all other statements of national unity, must be spoken or sung only in English, not Spanish. He emphasized that the English language is the basis of our national unity, as reflected in our national motto: E pluribus Unum!

..President Bush, in celebrating the American spirit of free enterprise, remarked that the French don't even have a word for entrepreneur!


buckblog said...

That's a silly bill that is pandering and symbolism at it's worse and is probably unconstitutional.

I find it disgraceful that people, many of whom are here illegally, change the words to the national anthem while demanding rights they aren't legally entitled to but introducing that bill is foolish.

paladin said...

Hey, Dave/Bret/Bart/whoever, why did you delete the two posts about the downtown library?

Yes, I know this comment is OT!