Monday, April 24, 2006

John Kerry is an anti-war activist again

On Saturday Senator John Kerry said,
"I have come here today to reaffirm that it was right to dissent in 1971 from a war that was wrong. And to affirm that it is both a right and an obligation for Americans today to disagree with a President who is wrong, a policy that is wrong, and a war in Iraq that weakens the nation."

"I believed then, just as I believe now, that the best way to support the troops is to oppose a course that squanders their lives, dishonors their sacrifice, and disserves our people and our principles. When brave patriots suffer and die on the altar of stubborn pride, because of the incompetence and self-deception of mere politicians, then the only patriotic choice is to reclaim the moral authority misused by those entrusted with high office."

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paladin said...

Am I the only one who is wondering why Kerry is giving this speech NOW instead of in 2004 when he was all about his brave three months in 'nam instead of his Winter Soldier era? Kerry suppressed the video from his Winter Soldier appearance before the Senate in the'70's during his campaign for President. Anyone wonder why?
Is anyone wondering why he was against war in the '70s before he was for it in the 02's and now he's against it again?
Does anyone take this guy seriously----including himself?

Huck Finn said...

John Kerry--worst $250 I ever spent. We gotta do better. Has anyone seen a copy of the DNC's Vision?

QuadCityImages said...

If Kerry hadn't taken the politically safe route and voted "for" the war, he'd never have been labelled a flip-flopper, and he'd probably be president now. That just bothers me because I suspect he was always against it, but just voted with the crowd. Of course, that isn't really good presidential activity anyway I suppose.

Carl Nyberg said...

Want to know where Kerry will stand on a foreign policy issue? Poll the voters he will face in his next election.