Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Who Do You Think Is Behind the Phone Calls?

A controversy has arisen in the race for the Democratic nomination for the Illinois State Senate seat currently held by Mike Jacobs. Jacobs' opponent, Paul Rumler charges that someone has been calling voters stating incorrectly that he is anti-choice.

That the phone calls were made is not in dispute. At least 3 people, including an editor for the Dispatch/Argus, have publicly stated that they received the calls. But what group is behind the calls? Whoever did it expended some time and money to do in a way that the caller id would be defeated. The Rumler campaign suspects that the Mike Jacobs campaign is behind the calls. Mike Jacobs has suggested that perhaps Paul Rumler neglected to return a survey from a pro-choice group and the group, jumping to the conclusion that he was anti-choice, started making the calls.

Which theory is more believable to you? If a pro-choice group did it why would they hide their identity? Do you think pro-choice groups are likely to behave in this secretive and under-handed way?

Perhaps it would have been better for Mike Jacobs to acknowledge that people who support him might have made the calls. It would have reflected better on the honesty and integrity of his campaign if he had disavowed such tactics and called on
his supporter to stop doing such things rather than blaming pro-choice groups.


Anonymous said...

Personal Pac
, the largest pro-choice group in Illinois made the calls after interviewing both candidates.

Now that Persdonal Pac has stepped forward and take responsibility, you owe Senator Mike Jacobs an apology. For you to question his "honesy and integrity" withouty having facts in hand calls into question you honesty and integrity.

However, if you post this information, you will be doing better than the Dope and Bydler, as they know the facts but are trying to subvert them for political reasons.

Anonymous said...

That's a lie. I know for a fact that they haven't interviewed both candidates. If they had, they would know that Rumler and Jacobs have the same point of view on abortion. Why would they choose sides when they already had two pro-choice candidates?

This phone poll is from the Jacobs camp. All the signs are there. He had the motive, and the means, and his quote in the dispatch pretty well sews it up. Says something along the lines of "politics is a contact sport" in response to Rumler being upset by the calls.

Sorry dear appointed Senator, the tide is turning. If it keeps on raining, the levee's going to break!

The Inside Dope said...

The whole thing is curious to me for the simple reason that both candidates agree on this issue.
Secondly, out of all the possible issues, why the abortion controversy, and why try to sway voters and smear an opponent by suggesting they're pro-life?

I mean, this area isn't exactly a hot-bed of pro-choice sentiments, I wouldn't imagine. Though Dem primary voters could be expected to be predominently pro-choice, I don't think it's one of the top issues on their lists.

The whole think is rather bizarre. Perhaps the answer will come if an outside group reports an in-kind donation to Jacobs somewhere down the line.

Dave Barrett said...

Why would a pro-choice PAC spread the word about a supposedly ant-choice candidate anonymously? It does not make any sense. They had to be calling people who were also pro-choice or else the calls did not make any sense. If talking to a pro-choice person why would they not say who they were? Why would they go to the trouble and expense of hiding their identity if they were a pro-choice Pac calling pro-choice voters?
I looked up the web site of Personal Pac and it seems to be the creation of Jesse White. Did Mike Jacobs just call Jesse in a panic needing a favor? That is the only theory that makes any sense to me.
Me apologize to Mike for implying he lacking honesty and integrity? After this latest twist in the story I doubt those qualities in him even more.
Why does he not simply disavow dishonest tactics?

paladin said...

I did this on Beydler's site and I'm doing it here---anon@10:14 where did you get your information that PersonalPac has "stepped forward" to take responsibility? Give us a link or give us some proof. Inquiring minds want to know!

Anonymous said...

Whoever it was calling, I still have not recieved my sign! and it's been two weeks.

Anonymous said...

You peole are allways looking for the boogyman. This is a better site than those other two because Dave will appologise for leaping to bad conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Dave you are wrong here and will be wrong again.

Anonymous said...

Dave both men were not for choice until they started making these calls. Rumler tried to hide from the issue. He was able to get in his questions from the green party on time and complete and won that endorsement. His mother spoke for him in the newspaper. Maybe Paul could let her do the paperwork so that he can make sure that it gets in on time. If you read Rumlers statement on the hog plant you will see that he is very uneasy answering the tough questions. I think the bottom line was that he was for the pork plant, but it was the long way around to get there.