Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Impeachment Project

Do you think President Bush should be impeached? Are his crimes at least as serious as those that led to President Clinton's impeachment? The above picture is from : The Impeachment Project At this site you will see at lot more pictures of people publicly proclaiming their desire to see this president impeached.

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Saul Thomas said...

Hopefully the impeachment drive will pick up enough steam to break into congress--and the media.

Some related projects worth paying attention to are the important efforts to detail the many violations of international law the Bush administration has perpetrated. The most serious of these violations have to do with the war in Iraq and the policy of indefinite detention and torture.

This one is going on right now in New York (Jan 20-22, 2006). You can download highlights of the indictments and testimony now. More will appear online after the event ends.

This was a very large event held in the summer of 2005 in Istanbul. It was exclusively focused on Iraq. Most if not all of the testimony is available at the site.